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The Members Only Area is At No Charge and is open to all who want Information on their Computer. Members Only Area

We have a Database that holds Computer terms and you can access it via the below link. View our Ratsupport Vocabulary Database

If you feel the need to be educated about your computer or technology device, we can teach you the basics to in-depth knowledge, we can create a meeting that allows you to watch my computer and learn from the experience.

I have had a couple of requests concerning security software for a Smart Phones, so I will share. I have not really decided if it is necessary to have Security software other than what comes with your phone, but you can see the two links I found and make that decision for yourself. For Android Phones and For Iphone.

Here is a table with some of the programs or applications that you can update without worry:

Program/Application Description Notes
Java Updates Java is used for applications that need Java. You should keep it updated or turn it off completely.
Microsoft Operating System Updates The Operating System is key to your Computer. You should keep it updated, helps keep malware away.
Flash Updates This is for Video and streaming. It is OK to update, but will go away someday.
Adobe Reader Updates For viewing .PDF formated files. Necessary if you want to view this file format.
Your Anti-Virus Software This allows you to remove Virus software. To keep your computer working well, I suggest you scan at least once a week.
Your Anti-Malware/Addware Software Programs like Malwarebytes, or Superantispyware work well for this. To keep your computer working well, I suggest you scan at least once a week.

Links that might help your computing experience: