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I have decided to only do new presentations and How to's for my new Members Only Area. I am telling you this because there is new material on those pages but you will have to join the Members Only Area. The Members Only Area is At No Charge and is open to all who want Information on their Computer. Members Only Area

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If you feel the need to be educated about your computer or technology device, we can teach you the basics to in-depth knowledge.

I have found that some people do not know what is a good download and what is bad, here is a quick list of updates and downloads that are usually OK to click on. Java Updates, Microsoft Operating System Updates , Flash Updates, Adobe Reader Updates, and any other programs you have installed. I caution you to pay attention to how they look when doing the updates and be sure to un-check any choice boxes to install other programs so you will be able to tell if you have been hacked.

Just for you all that know I don't think much of Microsoft, let me share this with you. Internet Explorer, Outlet, Outlet Express are not the programs I recommend you use. I suggest using Firefox for your browser and Thunderbird for your email client. There is even a backup program for the bookmarks and email files called Mozbackup.

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