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We can provide Remote Support to help with problems on your Computer or Smart Home Device and you are welcome to join our Members Only Area. The Charge for Remote Support without a Membership will be $100.00/hour, but if you become a member of's Members Only Area then, the Remote Support will be $75.00/hour.

You can choose to Join the Members Only Area with one of the following Groups:

Group Group Description Quartly Yearly Lifetime
CLIENT Basic Membership, View all pages. No Remote Support included. There is no cost to be a Members Only Area Client There is no cost to be a Members Only Area Client NA
BRONZE All basic services and 1 hr/month of Remote Support. $75.00 $225.00 NA
SILVER All basic services and 3hr/month Remote Support. $105.00 $325.00 NA
Gold All basic services and Remote Support for your Lifetime. $00.00 $00.00 $450.00

Here are some idea's that you could use in your group or business:

We are very interested in helping you with your computer problems, from Virus and Spyware Removal to Data Base design and Local Area Network design and support.

The Members Only Area of provides a user, extra support and communication tools that are not included in the non-secured area of this website.

We can even provide advice on Web Development and Support.

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