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New Information:

  1. Started working on a new area for The Smart Home Automation area will have information for those who need or want help with their Smart Home Devices. Just look at the Nav Menu and go to Smart Home.

    There will be tons of neat stuff, like a database that tells you how and what to say to your device. Please feel free to comment about our new information.

  2. Made it to Idaho and have set up here. My Ratsupport Phone Number (Mobile Phone) is (208)-419-6698.

  3. For thouse who might use my Members Only Area and try the Member Files Page, I have a note for you. Currently Firefox Ver. 41.0.2 does not allow the files to be uploaded to your page. I am working on this problem so I suggest you use another browser until I get this working. This problem seems to be fixed, still doing some checking but the problem is with my computer and files. If you have problems please let me know.

  4. Epson has good news for the near future about your new Printer. Check out the savings and idea at: Epsons New Ecotank All in One Printer

  5. New Scam about Windows 10. Please read the information in this link It is important: Windows 10 Scam

  6. How to unsend an Email from Fox News: How to Unsend an Email

  7. Apple removes malicious apps after security breach:
    Apple removes malicious apps after security breach

  8. Attackers exploit Mac vulnerability in the wild:
    Mac's do get malware

  9. Flashback Virus for MAC, How to Detect and Remove: Download Info on MAC Virus

  10. 7 common tech myths you shouldn't believe from Foxnews: 7 Common Tech Myths

  11. Windows 10 is on its way. Here is an article about Windows 10 on Foxnews: Windows 10 upgrade, Should you or not

  12. 5 questions about Windows 10 everyone is asking from Fox News:
    Five Questions

  13. I have added a unsubscribe from Email List to the Site. You can now just click on the link if it appears in an email or you can go to your Edit Profile in the Members Only Area and select No in the "Do you want Email" field.

    You will always be able to change this option by going to your Edit Profile in the Members Only Area and select Yes if you want to get emails again.

Thank You:

I want to thank the people at Vibralogix for their software and support. They provided the scripts to allow me to manage my Members area in a secure manor. They have other products that allow for paid downloads, secure url's etc.. I don't think I have ever had a better experience with a provider before. If you are looking to do a website or already have one, their products are something you should check into.

New and Old News Letters:

News Letters, current and older

If you have a problem reading my News Letter then you don't have the current Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To install the current adobe reader please go to this site: Download Adobe Reader

Steps that should always be taken to keep computer working:

  1. Always do your Microsoft, Linux, Mac updates.
  2. Be sure you have Anti-Virus software no matter your operating system.
  3. Have spy or addware software on your machine before you need it and keep it updated.
  4. Do your scans, the user must do virus and spyware scans on a regular basis.
  5. Don't open emails from sources you don't know and watch out for the ones you do know, microsoft for example will not send you an email, and probably your bank will not either, at least they will not ask for your personal information.
  6. If you do open one of these and realize something is wrong, run your updated spyware and virus scans then and there.
  7. If you are not on my mail list for the news letter and want to be, just go to the contact us page and tell us you want to be on the mail list, you can also use the contact page to tell us you don't want the get the news letter.Contact Us