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Questions Page

A place to use your Brain and help others with answers to questions they have always wondered about, but were afraid to ask.

Please feel free to use the Contact Us page to send requests for any questions you may have or want answered.

To View the data in the Questions app., all you have to do is click on this link.
Enter the Questions Database

You can also get brave and decide to participate in this application. There are a number of ways enter questions or see answers, references and comments.

  1. Guest (Anonymous) is for those who just want to take a peek at the data.
  2. Visitor requires the user to sign up and approval. They will be able to view all questions and add suggestions to the Database.
  3. Contributor requires the user to sign up and approval. They will be able to enter new Questions, Answers, References and Comments. They will be able to edit all data that they have entered. They can not Delete or Edit data entered by others.
  4. Admin requires sign up and is for those who want to get completely involved. This would allow all the above and the ability to Edit or Delete any input.

This database application is not ment to hurt, or defame anyone. The purpose is to get thought going in an age of technical toys like Ipads, Iphones etc. Learning is a tool to keep young and to stimulate thought and enjoy the mysteries of life. Enjoy !!