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IT Services for the everyday computer user:

  • Virus Removal & Spyware Removal

    I will pick up your machine and take it to my shop and use the tools I have to clean your computer of Virus's and Spyware.

    1. If your anti-virus software is up to date, this is a fixed charge of $90.00
    2. If I have to install anti-virus software the fixed charge is $120.00
  • IT Services by the Hour

    Support includes tasks like configuring a printer, adding an e-mail client or removing a virus, speeding up computer.

    1. For the home user the price is $65.00/hr
    2. For the business user the price is $75.00/hr
  • Computer Consulting by the Hour

    This option is for helping clients choose a network design, computer purchase, advice on operations, choice of software.

    1. For the home user the price is $55.00/hr
    2. For the business user the price is $65.00/hr
  • Website Development and Maintenance

    We will create and maintain your website to your requirements.

    1. The Website Development Pricing is Negotiated.
    2. For minor Website changes and maintenance the price is $65.00/hr.
    3. Monthly Website Maintenance is Negotiated.
  • Remote Support Options

    Remote Support is not for all jobs. Some work will require your computer be brought to my facility.

    Currently Remote Support can be paid by PayPal or your credit card.

    1. For most work via Remote Support the charge will be $45.00/hr
    2. Some Remote Support will require an invoice based on the total amount of work.
    3. Remote Support Via Zoho. Log into your computer if it is connected to the Internet: Remote Support
  • Computer Education

    Help with software , How-to's, like fixing computers, tools for productivity and general use of computers. You can also check out the information on our Education Page or our How To Page for presentations on many subjects.

    1. The price for this service is $65.00/hr, or negotiated.
  • General Service Agreement by the Month

    General service within 24 hrs of request on all days except Sunday's, Most support will be done on the day of request. The price for this service agreement is calculated on a per computer basis. Some computer repairs and services can be negotiated at a fixed price before work is started. Please ask for this feature.

    You can download our service agreement from this page:

    1. Service Maintenance Program
    2. Service Maintenance Program Appendix A