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Project 3

Control Multi Media with Alexa and Harmony

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This was my 3rd project. To control My TV, DVD Player, Xbox One, Reciever/Amplifer with just my Voice commands to Alexa.

I am able to turn on my TV and select the Cable Channel I want to watch by just saying, "Alexa, ask harmony to turn on Turner Clasic Movies". The TV, Cable Box, Reciever/Amplifer all turn on to the proper input on the TV and the proper Cable Channel is selected.

As you have come to this page I am going to share a tid bit with you. In using this project for some time I have learned a couple of things:

  1. Each system will behave a bit differently, as the components are different and so the user must learn how to work with their system.

  2. In my system it is best, when I want to turn on my TV and watch a channel is to just say "Alexa, ask harmony to turn on TV". This allows the system to start up in the last configuration it was in. After all is running then I can ask Alexa to choose a channel.

  3. I have an older Reciever/Amplifier and it did not have Bluetooth, so I added a Bluetooth Reciever to my Aux Port. This works well as long as it is on. When I let the Music and Reciever etc. sit for a while, all turns off and I need to re-pair the Transmitter to my Dot. Just a learning experience as I see it.

If you want to look at the configuration presentation then you can use this link. Project 3 Config.

This project is a bit more dificult. Please note I did not put the complete configuration on the presentation because it is too complex and would be very large. If you are interested in what I did, just contact me.